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2010-03-13 21:23:02 by ColdRicePudding

Hey people! Sorry I've not done any animations at all lately, I'm currently working on my site, and this is my main focus at the minute.

If you like my work, I sometimes update my YouTube with uni projects I work on.

Anyway I just wanted to say I have a StumbleUpon account now and would like it if you subscribe to me on there. Thanks

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Funky-Facts Blog

2009-01-14 13:25:40 by ColdRicePudding

Hello everyone, just to let you know, I have created a Blog containing all the latest facts and other interesting stuff. If you have a spaer few minutes you may want to give it a look, it's full of original content and will be updated regulary.

Thankyou for your support.



Tutorial Site

2008-11-11 10:58:43 by ColdRicePudding

Ok I'm makeing a tutorials website featuring Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Cinema 4d and many more... and its takeing me aages to write the tutorials, if anyone has any tutorials that they could donate I will happily link to your site.

If anyone would be kind enough to help me out please leave a commen and i'll get back to you.

Thanks =]

First Anime

2008-08-17 10:51:26 by ColdRicePudding

Well I attemted anime a few weeks back following the Moosh'd Anime Tutorial. It was extremly useful and has cool music.

I had to use a mouse to draw this aswell, no tablet used.
Anyway heres what I managed to come up with...

First Anime

Lost Shorts

2008-07-03 23:29:42 by ColdRicePudding

Ok so my main project atm is a Lost animation, as I'm a rather big fan of the show, I thought I'd make something funny whilst waiting for the next series.

I'm currently about 40% of the way through it and it should be finished sometime in August.
As I'm no artist, the graphics are taking up the most time... but I'm slowly getting there.

If anyone is interested in creating a part, or helping out in any other way (includeing Voices) please PM me and I'll get straight back to you.

Here's three screenshots of it =]


Lost Shorts