First Anime

2008-08-17 10:51:26 by ColdRicePudding

Well I attemted anime a few weeks back following the Moosh'd Anime Tutorial. It was extremly useful and has cool music.

I had to use a mouse to draw this aswell, no tablet used.
Anyway heres what I managed to come up with...

First Anime


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2008-08-22 15:59:17

lol i tried using that but didnt help, i have a different style of drawing.


2008-08-28 11:53:44

lol nice, i wish i could do this

ColdRicePudding responds:

give it a try, it might turn out better thn u think =]


2008-10-12 15:01:57

wow, i guess i'm gonna give it a try too

ColdRicePudding responds:

good luck (y)